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About Us

Welcome to CardHub!

We're an online eGift card marketplace that helps Australians sell their unwanted eGift cards, and purchase eGift cards at a discount.

Every day in Australia, hundreds of eGift cards expire unredeemed.  This sums to millions of dollars collectively lost each year by consumers like you.

CardHub's founder, Paul, wanted to put an end to this waste by helping everyday consumers get more value from their eGift cards.

Our mission is to become Australia's most trusted gift card exchange.  We offer our customers up to 50% less fees than eBay, and without the headache of listing on Gumtree.  Our average listing sells within 48 hours of being posted online, and sellers are paid via their preferred method (PayPal or direct deposit) within 7 days of sale.

If your eGift card remains unsold 8 days after you list it online, then we will offer to purchase it from you.  The offer price will be based on our smart algorithm, which considers your card value, retailer and time to expiration.

We love saving you money! Our team is based in Brisbane, and we are available in all cities and states across Australia.  

If you or your mates have unwanted eGift cards ticking towards expiration, then list them on CardHub and earn cash!

If you have any questions about our service, or are interested in bulk listings, then please contact us at




+61 423 203 428