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What fees are associated with selling eGift cards?

It's free to list on CardHub.  Only after your card is successfully sold, will we deduct a 9.8% commission from the selling price.  

You are only charged these selling fees when your card sells. If your card does not sell, you will not be charged.

For example:  

If you sell a $25 Myer eGift card for $20 on CardHub, then we will deduct $1.96 from your $20 sale price.  So, on CardHub you effectively earn $18.04.

By comparison, eBay would charge you $3.48 in fees for listing the same Myer eGift card.  So, on eBay you effectively earn $16.52 (9% less than on CardHub).  Also, eBay charges you $1.50 irrespective of whether your card sells or not. 


What if my eGift card doesn't sell?

We will list your card for 8 days.  If it still remains unsold after 8 days, then it will be removed from our site.  Don't worry, we will then offer to buy it from you at a price determined by your card's value, retailer, and time to expiration.


Can I sell my physical gift cards?

Presently, we only accept electronic or digital gift cards.  These are gift cards that can be redeemed without the physical card, and only require the card number and PIN to be used.


How do I get paid?

Once your card is sold, you will be sent a link asking how you would like to be paid.  The options are direct deposit to your Australian bank account, or PayPal.  Please note, if you choose PayPay, you will be responsible for paying any fees associated with funds transfer.


Are there marketplace rules?

You are held responsible for the full value of the eGift card you have listed on the CardHub marketplace. Should you misplace, use or sell your eGift card, you must immediately notify us by email:, or you will be held liable for the full value and any associated fees.



How does buying discounted eGift cards work?

Buying eGift cards is like any other online marketplace. Sellers list their cards at a discounted price, and users purchase them at this discounted price.

Why do I see different prices for the same eGift cards?

Sellers choose their desired selling price, so you may notice different prices at different times.


Are there fees associated with buying eGift cards?

We do not charge sales tax, shipping costs, or processing fees. The total price you see is what you will pay for the card.


When will I receive my eGift card?
Most orders are processed immediately. Please email if you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours.


Can I return an eGift card I just purchased?

After submitting an order, you may not request to cancel it. We guarantee your gift card is valid and has the value shown at the point of sale. After your purchase has been confirmed, please review our return policy to see if your order is eligible for a refund. For all refund requests in accordance with our policy, please contact with your order information.